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Supplying The Healthcare Needs Of The Community

FS Medical Supplies provides Personal Protective Equipment direct from the factory to you, anywhere in the world. We vet factories throughout China and other countries to find the best quality and most reliable factories to provide high-quality, high volume products for your PPE needs, always at competitive pricing. 

Here to Support Your Medical and Non-Medical

Supply Needs

We are targeting orders of 30,000 units to 100M units and more.  Delivery is typically 7-14 days anywhere in the world.

Providing Safety and Security for All

Our products serve businesses and people of all kinds. FS Medical Supplies provides high quality and high volume protective equipment as quickly as possible for your business to keep running smoothly.

Face Masks

All Types: 3Ply, KN95 (Appendix A), N95, N95 NIOSH

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Quality Assurance

All medical face masks are manufactured in FDA registered, ISO 13485: 2016 certified facilities. All products are FDA Registered and meet or exceed FDA and/or CE standards. Certificates, test results, and facility tour available upon request.